Meet Caroline


In her role as a marketing intern at the Olivier Group, Caroline takes on some of the marketing tasks, thereby allowing the rest of the team to focus on other tasks. She’s the one behind our online presence and does a great job of presenting a consistent message while encouraging engagement. She’s on a mission to spread the word on what makes our team special, and she’s doing it splendidly.

A junior at Louisiana State University studying accounting and marketing, Caroline consistently appears on the Dean’s List for her academic accomplishments. Throughout her time as an intern for a variety of companies, she’s realized that marketing is where her passions lie.

Caroline deeply values the connections she builds with the people close to her. Outside of work, she pursues opportunities to spend time with her loved ones. To stay active, she participates in intramurals, tennis, and beach volleyball. She also enjoys tubing, hiking, swimming, and going on walks.