Risk Management

A key part of any financial plan is determining the level of risk necessary to pursue your goals and matching it with your willingness to take on that risk. Most people do not understand the risk in their portfolio and that lack of understanding can lead to detrimental mistakes. We all know people who continually make wrong decisions that wreck their financial future. The Olivier Group can help you discover your risk number, develop a portfolio around that number, and monitor it on a regular basis.

Your risk tolerance will change over time and so will your risk. There is always a lot of hype on beating the market. Keep in mind that to beat the market you will need a very high risk number, which can mean big swings and volatility. It is not as important to beat the market on the way up as it is to beat it on the way down. So, let our team of professionals find a risk level you can be comfortable with and match that with your goals.