Money can be so simple, yet so complex. Chad Olivier, Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, is featured weekly on the local news segment, “Money Talks.” Watch as Chad gives you practical advice to help make your money work for you every Thursday night on Fox44 and Friday morning on NBC33. Money talks, but planning pays!

Financial Plan vs. Investment Plan

Developing an investment plan is just one piece of the puzzle. The trick to working towards achieving your financial goals is to look at the big picture, then implement the appropriate strategy to get there. Check out Chad Olivier, CFP® on “Money Talks” as he discusses the difference between an investment plan and a financial plan. This segment originally aired January 18, 2019 on NBC33.


Organizing Your Finances

Organizing your finances makes staying updated simpler. It’s not always easy to keep things orderly, but with an efficient system and consistency it’s possible to turn that growing stack of papers into a desk you can see again. Check out Chad Olivier, CFP® on “Money Talks” as he discusses ways to get your finances organized this year. This segment originally aired January 11, 2019 on NBC33.

Bull Market Vs. Bear Market

We often hear the terms “bull” and “bear” to describe the market, but what exactly do they mean? Check out Chad Olivier, CFP® on “Money Talks” as he explores the benefits of the bull and how to anticipate the bear market. This segment originally aired December 28, 2018 on NBC33.