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Our Services

Tired of always juggling your financial decisions? This is our “Let us Take Care of That for You” list:

Comprehensive Financial Plan

We sit down with you to discuss your financial situation in depth in order to come up with a cohesive financial plan for your assets.

Professional Investment Management and Resource Allocation

The Olivier Group can help you invest and allocate your assets according to your preferred investment style and risk tolerance. We can help you invest in an extremely conservative fixed-income strategy, an opportunistic wealth creation strategy, and myriad strategies between - all custom-created with an understanding of your preferences, gleaned from a discovery interview and questionnaire. Please note that no strategy assures success or protects against loss.

Retirement Planning

You need consistent income and capital protection today, and for retirement - retirees are living longer, and you may live 30 or 40 years after the conclusion of your career. Together with you we devise a budget for life during retirement. Then, we devise a plan appropriate for your specific lifestyle so you can work towards your retirement goals.

Estate and Tax Planning

While you can’t take it with you, the wealth you’ve built will have a destination. Will it be the IRS or the probate court? Hopefully not - if you devise a thoughtful estate plan. You may plan to transfer some of your wealth for social purpose, or you may wish to focus on creating the best possible legacy for your children and grandchildren.

The Olivier Group can work collaboratively with your family and its trusted business and legal advisors to help you retain wealth and keep greater portions of your assets from draining away to the government. It can arrange for the harmonious transfer of personal wealth and business assets, acting as the "coach" to supervise and refine the process.

Life Insurance and Long-term Care Planning

In theory, no one should have to pay a penny for long term care. In fact, many families pay $50,000 a year or more for qualified nursing home care.

Should you or your relatives need LTC planning, The Olivier Group can help you structure your wealth so you won’t have to spend down an estate. Through its network of advisors, it can also help you explore different types of in-home care and assisted living facilities. As these diagnoses also affect estate plans, Chad and his network of advisors can give your family an overview of the financial changes that may need to occur.

Financial Quarterbacking

We act as the intermediary between all of your financial professionals, CPAs, and attorneys to ensure your financial plan is carried out through each facet. Like a coach, Chad can direct and coordinate the effort of your "team" of specialists.

Additional Services

  • Educational savings and planning
  • Trust Planning
  • Quarterly newsletters that discuss current financial issues and company updates
  • Invitations to educational workshops and client events
  • Portfolio reviews with recommendations for changes, if needed
  • Periodic market updates that discuss the broad financial market and trends
  • Timely answers to clients’ financial questions
  • Assistance from highly skilled staff members
  • Online account view services