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Innovative Wealth Management

You work hard to amass your wealth. With comprehensive wealth management, let us help you protect, maintain, and build that wealth. From beginning to the end, we will help your wealth grow and harvest to full fruition.

Step 1: Create Your Customized Financial Plan

Before rushing into decisions, we establish a financial plan. This provides a way to stay true to your objectives and keep the big picture in sight. The plan will do the following:

  • Set goals and a strategy to obtain your financial goals.
  • Evaluate current retirement plan options.
  • Evaluate current asset protection and insurance options.
  • Help create and/or review wills and estate planning needs.

If you do not lay out a plan ahead of time then your investment strategy may not yield your desired results. Thus, we spend in depth time on this step.

Step 2: Establish a Family Index Number

In the stock market, an index can serve as a benchmark against which financial or economic performance is measured. The Family Index Number is a percentage that represents the average annual return you need to earn on your investments to meet your goals. This annual rate of return may act as a benchmark to measure your investment portfolio and make sure you are on track in working towards your goals, whether those be retirement, charitable giving, leaving a legacy  behind, major purchases, or travel.

Step 3: Actively Manage Your Plan and Investments

We do not have a “set it and forget it” investment philosophy. We constantly monitor your plan and investment portfolio. Our team of professionals set in place procedures for on-going account management. We have a detailed approach to planning and align ourselves with our clients to help work towards their goals and a secure financial well being. As an Olivier Group client, we will identify a portfolio that matches your unique situation and will continue to monitor your investments to manage your needs. We will work hard to be your trusted consultant when you face those critical financial decisions.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

As a client, you will receive personal attention that you can come to expect from a staff of licensed professionals. With specialized advice, timely answers to questions, frequent meetings, consistent communication, and quarterbacking between your financial professionals, The Olivier Group, LLC will be there to help you build your assets for years to come. By working with a small, select clientele, we will always have the time to provide this comprehensive service.